Welcome to Miami

Welcome to Miami 😃

Got this clothes by forever21 in Miami <3 … what a great city, we are so in love with Florida.
Accessoire Details soon … #welcometomiami#miami#fashionista#love#fashion#blog#fashionblog#fashionblogger#blogger

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  1. Ron
    Ron sagte:

    Miami Girl !

    „From her to you comes loving thought,
    that leads to highest good, while you pursue it,
    counting as little what all men desire:
    from her comes that spirit full of grace
    that shows you heaven by the true way‘:
    so that in hope I fly, already, to the heights…“

  2. Ron
    Ron sagte:

    Miami Girl !

    „The gamesome wind among her tresses plays,
    And curleth up those growing riches short;
    Her spareful eye to spread his beams denays,
    But keeps his shot where Cupid keeps his fort;
    The rose and lily on her cheek assays
    To paint true fairness out in bravest sort,
    Her lips, where blooms naught but the single rose,
    Still blush, for still they kiss while still they close…“


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