Sunny winterdays <3

Bild 132_web

Sunny winterdays <3 perfect days for a walk and dinner afterwards. Today’s dinneroutfit by

New Coat

Bild 130_web

Totally in love with my new coat by 

Happy New Year :D

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Loooove wonderful flowerbouquets <3 Many thanks to my babe. Everyone a happy new year 🙂

Let it snow…

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Enjoy the snow with my new perfect outfit <3


Got new accessoires <3

Bild 126_web

Love my new leatherbag and leathershoes by Necklace by

Outfit complete

Bild 125_web Bild 124_web

To complete this look wearing this cute and beautiful christmas penguin necklace by

Sunny days between Christmas and New Year :D

Bild 122_web Bild 123_web

Use this great sunny days for a walk at the lake in this great outfit. New glittery shirt and the best item of this season by . Highlight is this red bag by